Do you suffer from chronic illness?

Western medicine providers treat disease with technology and pharmacology. While these approaches are important in the management of chronic disease, they are not without unwelcome side effects, such as pain, insomnia, palpitations, digestive issues and more. Many times, patients see a specialist who focuses only on one body system and may not manage symptoms outside of their comfort zone. 

Eastern practitioners see the patient as a whole, not just a single system illness. An Eastern treatment plan supports all of the body's functions which helps overall disease management. Acupuncture is one piece of Eastern medicine that can alleviate pain, quiet nausea, improve sleep and more without needing to take more medication.

Dr. Salmond uses her experience in Western disease management along with proven Eastern techniques to help you attain and maintain your optimal health.

Why choose Jardiniere Acupuncture?

Both acute and chronic illness symptoms can be managed with acupuncture.
Dr. Salmond’s knowledge of acupuncture techniques and other modalities guides a safe and effective treatment plan of your symptoms.
A partnership approach to your healthcare ensures optimal outcomes.


Read what others have to say.
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"... warm and welcoming"

"From the beginning, Dr. Salmond was warm and welcoming, offering a space of safety and acceptance. The simple question, "What can I do for you?" took me by surprise and opened the floodgates of emotion. I cannot express how meaningful this practice was in each of our sessions."


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"... improvement in my ailments"

"As a patient of Dr. Salmond, I was finally able to find improvement in my stress related ailments because of my appointments with her. She is very approachable and welcoming, allowing me to feel comfortable about opening up to her regarding sensitive issues."


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"... I was amazed at how relaxed I was"

"She always asks good questions to dig deeper into my issues to help find the right treatment for me. I was amazed at how relaxed I was after a little bit of time on the table. It is obvious she is very knowledgeable about acupuncture and this makes it easy to trust her recommendations."


Dr. Salmond has been a healthcare provider for over 20 years and has prescribed many different medications for patients to treat their diseases. She witnessed the effects of these medications on patients and struggled in how to help resolve their symptoms, other than prescribing more medications. Since entering the field of acupuncture, she now uses this powerful medicine to aid in disease management, resolve side effects and improve patient well-being. 

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